My Journey

My journey as a Therapist started in 1997, as a curious teenager working in a fitness center- I became curious about human anatomy which filled me with questions and a desire to learn more about manual therapy and the human body as a whole.

My first course was exceptionally comprehensive, comprising modules in Anatomy, Swedish Massage, Rehabilitation and Sport Massage. Over the course of time, I acquired a broad perspective of manual therapy and an overall knowledge in human anatomy.

After graduating, I was lucky enough to start working under the supervision of excellent professionals who guided my development and shared their knowledge and experience generously. Over the years I’ve gained invaluable practical experience through working at a number of sport centers and spas.

The ancient art of Thai Massage

In 2009, I changed paths slightly and began working with a Chinese massage center, where skillful practitioners taught me the concepts of the traditional Chinese Massage, ‘Tui Na’. A while later, I was reading a medical journal and came across an inspiring article about Nuat Thai, the ancient art of Thai Massage.

Certificate for Thai masseur

Once again, my curiosity was triggered by something new and mysterious and not long later, I found myself eagerly boarding a plane and taking the first steps of what was to be a journey that has changed my life. Upon my arrival, I was taken aback by this colourful new world and its stark culture differences – Thailand was indeed a whole new world to me.

Thais project their views on work across all aspects of their lives and, as much as is humanly possible they follow the teachings of Buddha. Moreover, for Thais massage is considered a spiritual practice, closely connected to the teachings of Buddha. Following this train of thought, upon reflection, I now see that over the years, my state of mind prior to and during the massage can influence the outcome to a great extent, whereas in my earlier years of practice, I was very much focused on the manual performance and physical results.

Applying a more mindful technique to massage provided noticeably better results, so much so that the recipient often felt the difference. But, being a perfectionist, I couldn’t leave it to chance and hope for mindfulness to dawn upon me before every client. After all, enlightenment doesn’t come to those who are eager, but only to those who are ready.

Not long after, following a session with a client, I was sat drinking tea and reflecting on my performance, when my moment of enlightenment dawned. In Thai massage, the giver is just an energy conductor and the state of mind affects the intention to channel that energy through the hands and fingers to the recipient. Thus, healing can only come of Thai massage when two essential conditions are met; first and foremost, the giver must have a pure heart and the intention to heal the recipient, thus the healing energy from the source will pass unrestrictedly through the giver to the recipient. And secondly, but no less important, the recipient must be relaxed, willing to receive and open to healing.

I am not sure whether I chose Nuat Thai, or it chose me, but either way, I feel fortunate that it encompasses my life so fully that when I practice Thai Massage, I feel joy, happiness and true fulfillment.

My way to Thai massage