Physical recovery

Physical recovery

Massage has long been used to restore and stimulate physical performance.

This is a complex of manipulations that contributes to the physical improvement of the body, as well as a means of treating various injuries.

Physical recovery is usually applied after surgery, injury or illness and involves restoring the body's physical condition and functionality by restoring strength in weakened muscles and improving physical mobility.

Massage can have a local or general effect, stimulate the course of metabolic processes, activate the activity of the circulatory and respiratory systems.

In order to support physical recovery, we recommend a set of exercises and effects on the human body.

These include various massage techniques that are optimal for the type of injury or illness, physiotherapy exercises (physiotherapy), physiotherapy, diet therapy and others.

We make a specific plan for physical recovery procedures after examination and assessment of the health condition and according to the personal preferences, opportunities, free time and other requirements of the client.