Revitalizing Massage

Revitalizing Massage

Massage at your workplace

During long hours, sitting at a desk can cause pain in your neck, shoulders and back, as well as lead to physical and mental fatigue.

We offer a short restorative massage for your convenience by visiting you in your office or home.

A short restorative massage can be performed without special equipment - on your office chair or a suitable sofa, armchair or table in your office or home.
Revitalizing massage is specially designed to relieve muscle tension and muscle relaxation, eliminate mental and physical fatigue.

Revitalizing massage includes: back massage, including lower back and sacrum, shoulder massage, neck massage, relaxation and mobilization of neck and back muscles, as well as appropriate massage techniques in other areas if necessary and according to your condition .

Revitalizing massage techniques

Stroking, vibration, rubbing and crushing are used as techniques for performing such a massage.

Experts do not recommend tapping, slicing and other arousal techniques, as this raises arterial and venous blood pressure, which does not help to achieve relaxation.

Rehabilitation massage can be local or general.

Каква е ползата от ревитализиращия масаж?

  • Премахване на синдрома на мускулна болка;
  • Отпускане на мускулната хипертоничност.;
  • Подобряване на кръвообращението;
  • Повишен имунитет;
  • Премахване на психо-емоционален стрес;
  • Възстановяване на нарушени функции, обхват на движение, повишена физическа активност и умствена работоспособност на тялото.